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More than 200 BBK TV service manuals: user’s manuals, service manuals and schematic diagrams for free download.

Title File Size Download link
BBK 15LD1506K User’s manual.pdf 2.2Mb Download
BBK Lem Led 5093 5095 4096 4097 6094 User’s manual.pdf 5.4Mb Download
BBK Lem 1001 1005 1006 1009 1010 User’s manual.pdf 4.3Mb Download
BBK Lem 1001 User’s manual.pdf 3.8Mb Download
BBK Lem 1004t2c User’s manual.pdf 4Mb Download
BBK Lem 1005_1007_1009_1010_1011_1016 User’s manual.pdf 3Mb Download
BBK lem 1007_1009 User’s manual.pdf 4.8Mb Download
BBK lem 1015 1018 3081 User’s manual.pdf 4.6Mb Download
BBK lem 1026 1027 1031 1037 1038 User’s manual.pdf 6.6Mb Download
BBK lex 5023 5024 5039 User’s manual.pdf 4.5Mb Download
BBK lex 5026 5027 5037 5038 User’s manual.pdf 4.4Mb Download
BBK lex 5031 User’s manual.pdf 4.1Mb Download
Title File Size Download link
BBK _lt1917s_lt2617s_lt3217s Service Manual pdf.rar 3.4Mb Download
BBK lcd tv+dvd LD1506X(RU) Service Manual pdf.pdf 9.1Mb Download
BBK LD-2006 SI-2 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 7.4Mb Download
BBK ld1906si Circuit Diagram 15.8Mb Download
BBK ld2006k Service Manual 11.9Mb Download
BBK LD2006si-2, LD1506SI-2, LD1506SI-3, LT1500S-2, LT1500S-3, LT2000S, LD1906SI, LT1900S Service Manual pdf.rar 7.4Mb Download
BBK LD2213SU chassi sL2M18 Circuit Diagram 2.8Mb Download
BBK LED2452FDTG Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 2.2Mb Download
BBK LED2453FDTW Service Manual pdf.rar 1.9Mb Download
BBK LEM1968DT (Main Board – L0M05(01)) Service Manual pdf.rar 3.5Mb Download
BBK LEM3279, LEM3289, LEM3279F, LEM3289F, LEM4079F, LEM4289F, LEM4289F Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 1.6Mb Download
BBK LT-3709S SM Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 5.3Mb Download
BBK LT1504S Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 4.4Mb Download
BBK LT1703S LT2003S tv Service Manual pdf.pdf 2.8Mb Download
BBK LT1703s, LT2003s Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 5.1Mb Download
BBK Service Manual pdf.pdf 1.2Mb Download
BBK LT2007S Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 557.1kb Download
BBK LT2008s Service Manual pdf.rar 4.3Mb Download
BBK LT2008S VER2.00 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 940.4kb Download
BBK Service Manual pdf.pdf 5Mb Download
BBK LT2209S SM Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 3.2Mb Download
BBK lt2614s Service Manual 3.6Mb Download
BBK LT3209S.part1 Service Manual pdf.rar 29Mb Download
BBK LT3209S.part2 Service Manual pdf.rar 27.4Mb Download
BBK LT3214S LT2614 (LCD2633EU-LCD3233EU ) Service Manual pdf.pdf 2.2Mb Download
BBK lt3221s Circuit Diagram 3.6Mb Download
BBK Service Manual pdf.pdf 9.2Mb Download
BBK lt3710s Circuit Diagram 236.2kb Download
BBK PORTABLE.LCD.TV-V3N-V3H Service Manual pdf.pdf 7.5Mb Download
BBK TV1006 LD1006SI dvd Service Manual pdf.pdf 11.4Mb Download
BBK-ld1955dt-2455dt Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 3Mb Download
BBK-led1973-2273 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 1.5Mb Download
BBK-led1975 Service Manual pdf.rar 1.6Mb Download
BBK-lt1902s-lt2202s Service Manual pdf.rar 1Mb Download

There can be many reasons for the TV malfunction. In some cases, you can repair the equipment with your own hands, in others you will have to contact the service center. It is better to repair and customize BBK TVs according to the accompanying instructions. Or at least read the articles on this topic in advance to know about the features of a particular model.

BBK TVs malfunction and fix

In order to repair BBK TVs, first of all, you need to understand the causes of the malfunction. There can be quite a lot of them, so if you don’t have experience with television equipment, it is better to make a diagnosis in a service center. This is especially true if the device is on warranty.

Does not turn on

If the tv set is not on the lights and when you try to turn it on from the remote or the panel, there is probably no reason for the lack of electricity:

  • Check to see if there is electricity in the house.
  • Check the plug’s connection to the socket.
  • whether the integrity of the cord is broken.

If bbK LEM1968DT is not turned on at all, the lights don’t light up, you should start looking for a reason from the power module. First, check the secondary output voltage, if it is not present, check for short circuit diode and keys of converters. In the primary chain, the network fuse may be damaged.

In case the light on the TV panel is red, but it itself is not turned on there are several options. If when you try to turn on the TV remote control the lamp continues to glow red, the green does not light up, then it’s in the remote. With a burning indicator, we can conclude that there are no problems with electricity and power supply. Here’s how to solve the problem:

  • Replace batteries
  • replace the remote control if there are cracks and damage on it.

In this video, you’ll learn more about setting up the TV: If the BBK TV is not turned on with the control panel, there may be several reasons:

  1. The protection that protects against voltage swings has worked. You can try to remove the fork again and insert it back into the socket.
  2. It is less likely that the cause may be a malfunction in the power supply. A visual inspection of the parts will help to identify the failures.
  3. Malfunctions in the system board, a power chain violation.
  4. Because of power problems, the chip flew.

If you try to turn on the light on the bar lights up green, but nothing appears on the screen, there may be the following reasons:

  • software malfunction, broken sequence of commands, you can cope with the situation only by re-opening the software and firmware;
  • Incorrect system board work
  • damage to the LCD matrix.

Flashing the indicator can indicate a breakdown of any of the TV systems. Check in this case you need all the elements of the TV circuit, starting with the power supply.

The sound is gone

If the BBK device has a sound problem, there may be several reasons:

  • If there is no sound from the speakers, but when the headphones are connected, the reason is the speakers themselves or the contacts;
  • Incorrect settings
  • The sound card was burnt out.
  • Mute bus malfunction
  • The breakdown of the motherboard;
  • the firmware flew.

No signal

Some users mistakenly believe that their TV receiver needs to be repaired if a “no signal” message appears on the screen when they turn on. The reasons for this phenomenon, both on BBK TV and on the models of other firms, may be as follows:

  • Interference on the transmission line or bad weather conditions;
  • Preventive work at the provider;
  • You need to set up the set-top box correctly, at the beginning of the tuner, it should be rebooted, perhaps it will help to fix the problem;
  • Malfunctions in the receiver that require its repair;
  • The tuner needs to be re-stitched.

Reasons why there is no signal, just a few

To know for sure that it is in the receiver, and not in the TV, you can temporarily install a serviceable tuner.

No lights

The fact that the TV is faulty lighting, you can judge, if on the turn there is a barely noticeable picture. The reason may be:

  • burnout of lamps (at LCD TVs) or LEDs (lcd);
  • Food doesn’t get to the lights.

In the first case, it is necessary to replace burnt lamps or LED. If the reason for the failure of the illumination in its power, the tester should check the voltage of the chip and transistors in the transformer chain, as well as the transformer itself. All faulty parts change.

Missing image

In cases where there is a sound when you turn on, and the image is gone, or first appears, and then disappears, the reason is not in the power supply. The most likely option for missing a picture on a TV is a problem with the backlight (nutrition, the health of LEDs or their connection). At the same time, the volume is adjusted in the same mode.

For the LED TV BBK it remains to open the panel and separately check each LED multimeter. It is dangerous to check the consistent connection of LEDs at home without special equipment.

Turns on and off immediately

There are situations when the lamp can light up green, but then again burns red and nothing happens, so the processor is healthy and able to send the command to be turned on. But one of the blocks this command does not perform, so the light bulb goes out.

  1. Also, a modern TV with internet access can run software updates or try to connect to the Internet.
  2. The presence of dust on the boards prevents electricity from passing through them.
  3. Due to problems in the power supply, the TV can also spontaneously turn off after an indefinite period of time.

If when you connect to a new antenna, cable, tuner when turning on the TV is hovering, you need to understand the settings of the chosen type of connection. And also, check the integrity of all wires and cables. Maybe it’s just interference on the line.

Set up bbk TV for TV reception

Repairing the BBK TV receiver is not always necessary. Sometimes it’s enough to do all the settings correctly. To do this, you just need to refer to the attached instructions.

Setting up channels

Before you start setting up channels from the remote control, you need to connect the BBK TV to the source of the digital, cable or interactive signal (cable, receiver, insert a map to receive digital television).

In the Menu section, the Channel includes automatic or manual channel search mode. The capabilities of modern TVs then allow you to edit the found channels, set up the file system and check the quality of the signal.

How to sew a BBk TV with a flash drive

If you don’t need to repair your BBk TVs, you just need to re-read it from the flash drive. Here’s how to stitch a BBK TV to install new software on it:

  1. On the manufacturer’s official website, learn about the latest versions of the software for a particular model.
  2. Download the current version to your computer, unzip the firmware file and copy it to the USB carrier.
  3. By connecting the flash drive to the connector on the TV set, call the main menu from the remote control, find the “Software Update” tab in the Channel tab, click OK, and start the update by selecting the Left key.
  4. Once the software is downloaded, the TV will reboot itself.

Replacing lamps

Replacing the lamp light on the BBK TV is not an easy thing, but quite doable. To do this, you need to prepare several suitable lamps, gloves, screwdrivers, stationery knife.

To get to the lamps themselves you need to put the TV monitor down on a soft surface and remove the protective box. Get the whole LCD module, glue the protective film with the decoder, and the matrix itself is carefully, so as not to damage anything. If you damage the film, it will be impossible to restore the entire matrix to work.

By freeing the lightlight from other elements, you can start replacing the lamps. If you could not visually identify the burnt-out lamps, you will have to install a serviceable lamp on all the order of place. Or identify a malfunction with a device that creates little resistance through an inverter.

Changing all the faulty elements, assemble the design in reverse order, connect the TV to the network, if there is no image – give time to warm up the new lamp.

It is not always necessary to repair the BBK TV in the service center. Small breakdowns, firmware or setting of the device can be carried out independently.

BBK TV service manuals

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