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Elenberg TV schematic diagrams, circuit diagrams and service manuals free download PDF

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Elenberg 1402,2108,21F08,29F08 Service Manual.pdf 14.8Mb Download
Elenberg 1403 (K14SA208A).pdf 3.2Mb Download
Elenberg LTV-1521 Service Manual.pdf 1.9Mb Download
Elenberg LTV-1521 Service Manual.rar 1.4Mb Download
Elenberg LTV-2602 Service Manual.rar 824.6kb Download
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Elenberg LTV-3231, LTV-3731, LTV-4231 Service Manual.pdf 2.3Mb Download
Elenberg LVD-1902 Service Manual.pdf 2Mb Download
Elenberg LVD-3203, LTV-3203 (FAN7602) Service Manual.rar 1.2Mb Download
Elenberg LVD-3203, LTV-3203 Service manual.pdf 1.6Mb Download
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Elenberg _ctv-1540,ctv-2065_model_klc-tm2018,klc-tm1508 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 4.8Mb Download
Elenberg 1402 2108 21F08 29F08 Chassis kp21tk202a3 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 2.5Mb Download
Elenberg 1402 2108 21F08 29F08 Chassis kp21tk202a3 djvu Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 186.7kb Download
Elenberg 1402, 2108, 21F08, 29F08 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 6.6Mb Download
Elenberg 1403 (K14SA208A) Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 3.1Mb Download
Elenberg 1420 _2130_2170F chassis M28B Cameron CTV1437_2137 TC1631TV Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 3Mb Download
Elenberg 2108 SM Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 6.7Mb Download
Elenberg 2116 chassis U3P_U2P Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 718.4kb Download
Elenberg 2121P chassis U3P_U2P Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 251.6kb Download
Elenberg 2170F Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 347b Download
Elenberg 21F09 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 1.1Mb Download
Elenberg 2910F Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 850.4kb Download
Elenberg СМ 1402, 2108, 21F08, 29F08. Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 14.2Mb Download
Elenberg Сhassis M113A Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 2.4Mb Download
Elenberg CTV-1570 Chassis KP15SA308A Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 3.2Mb Download
Elenberg EL-2103 Chassis HX-21T01 Circuit Diagram pdf.pdf 1.5Mb Download
Elenberg LVD-1902 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 1.9Mb Download
Elenberg LVD-3203 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 1.2Mb Download
Elenberg TV-1007 Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 1.8Mb Download
Elenberg TV-507 LCD chassis JV-505C-SDLA0х Premiera RTR-550Z Circuit Diagram pdf.rar 1.4Mb Download
Elenberg TV-707 Circuit Diagram pdf.pdf 3.3Mb Download

Elenberg TV schematics and manuals

General recommendations for the repair of Elenberg TV LCD LED. Possible faults

1) Elenberg TV 22AH4010 does not turn on. There is no response to the remote and the control buttons from the front panel. Indicator lights do not light or blink.

Fault in such cases should be found in the elements of the power source – line voltage converter (AC / DC), which is located on the main board CV59L-A23. It is necessary to measure its secondary output voltages, and in case of their absence, check the operability of the power switches of the converters and rectifier diodes for the presence of a short circuit.

In the event of breakdowns in the secondary circuits, the converter can operate in the short circuit mode, and in the event of a short circuit in the elements of the primary circuit, the main fuse is usually cut off.
The breakdown of the Mos-Fet keys used in pulsed sources is often caused by malfunctions of other elements, for example, feeding, frequency setting, damping … as well as elements of the Negative Feedback stabilization. The PWM (PWM) microcircuit can also be the cause of a failure in the power key of the converter and is checked by replacement.

2) There is no image, there is a sound, it responds to the remote control. Or, immediately after switching on for a second, the image may appear and immediately disappear.

In these cases, the LED panel backlight is most likely to fail. The reason may be either in the power supply of the LEDs, in their serviceability (breakdown or break), as well as in violation of the contact connections of the LED strips.

To identify a break in the line of LEDs without disassembling the panel will require a current source. Open transitions connected in series, a simple multimeter is impossible, you need a voltage of several tens of volts.

3) The TV does not turn on, does not respond to the remote. The indicator blinks or signals the standby mode.

Repair or diagnostics of the CV59L-A23 motherboard should be started by checking the stabilizers and power converters necessary to power the chips and the matrix. If necessary, update or replace the software (software). In some cases, repairing an MB (SSB) board may require replacing the chips – CPU: TSUMV59XU; SPI Flash: 25Q32 (U4) for new or obviously serviceable. In cases of using BGA technology, defects are usually localized by the warm-up method.

Before replacing the CDT-3NP5I1-10 tuner, if there is no tuning for channels, first you need to check the software and the supply voltages on its pins. It is also necessary to make sure that the data of the tuner and the processor can be exchanged via the I2C bus.

Attention! Users and owners of TVs 22AH4010, who do not have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience, strongly discourage attempts at self-repair in order to avoid negative consequences that may lead to complete overhaul of the device.

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