Ergo Smart TV User’s Manual

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User’s manual and user’s guide for Ergo LED/LCD Smart TVs for free download.

Title File Size Download links
Ergo LE19CT1000AU User Manual.pdf 11.5Mb Download
Ergo LE19D20, LE22D20, LE32D20 User Manual.pdf 4.4Mb Download
Ergo LE21CT2000AK User Manual.pdf 19Mb Download
Ergo LE24CT1000AU User Manual.pdf 11.6Mb Download
Ergo LE24CT2000AK User Manual.pdf 19.4Mb Download
Ergo LE28CT1000AU User Manual.pdf 11.1Mb Download
Ergo LE28CT2000AK User Manual.pdf 18.8Mb Download
Ergo LE32CT1000AU User Manual.pdf 12.2Mb Download
Ergo LE32CT2000AK User Manual.pdf 18.6Mb Download
Ergo LE32CT2500AK User Manual.pdf 20.5Mb Download
Ergo LE32D20 User Manual.pdf 4.4Mb Download
Ergo LE43CT2000AK User Manual.pdf 21.1Mb Download
Ergo LE43CT2500AK User Manual.pdf 22.7Mb Download
Ergo LE55CT2000AK User Manual.PDF 18.7Mb Download
Ergo TV LE19D20, LE22D20, LE32D20 User Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download

ERGO Smart TV – the best solution for lovers of high-quality images

Today there is a TV in almost every house or apartment. The average person spends 70% of his free time behind the screen, watching a variety of content: movies, clips, videos on the Internet. Because it is so important when choosing this type of technology to be confident in the quality and reliability of the TV.

The manufacturer of TVs ERGO offers the buyer not just a stylish piece of furniture – this is a wide range of models of different configurations and with different diagonal. At the same time, all ERGO equipment combines high quality and ergonomic design that will wonderfully fit into your home interior. In the living room, bedroom or kitchen, ERGO TVs will look organic, creating coziness and comfort.

ERGO offers a wide selection of LED TVs with different specifications.

The range includes models:

  • With different screen sizes (from 19 to 55 inches);
  • With high resolution (HD, UHD, Full HD);
  • With built-in tuners (analog or digital);
  • With Smart TV;
  • With HDMI and USB connectors.

The ERGO range includes TVs in a different price range. And even the most compact ERGO models are not inferior in quality and functionality to wide-screen TVs! If you need a TV in the kitchen, screens with a small diagonal and concise design are perfect for this.

A complete set of both analog and digital input and output interfaces provide the ability to connect any additional multimedia devices. The built-in TV tuner and the Smart TV function will diversify your leisure time and present unlimited possibilities with an incredible broadcast quality.

All LED TVs have the following qualities:

  • Laconic and ergonomic design;
  • Realistic and clear images;
  • Reproduction of any content from external media;
  • Modern equipment;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer.

The ergonomic design of TVs will allow you to optimally use the space of an apartment or house. They can be attached to the wall or mounted on a horizontal surface. Thin and stylish, ERGO TVs will perfectly fit into any interior.

Ergo Smart TV User Manual

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