Erisson Smart TV Schematic Diagrams

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Schematic diagrams and service manuals for Erisson Smart TVs for free download

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Erisson 15LJ18,19LJ08,22LDJ08 Service Manual pdf.pdf 10.3Mb Download
Erisson 2102 Service Manual pdf.rar 552.9kb Download
Erisson 21UF20 chassis 3P61E Service Manual 2.5Mb Download
Erisson 26LS16 Service Manual pdf.rar 12.6Mb Download
Erisson chassis 3p51 Service Manual pdf.rar 515.6kb Download
Title File Size Download links
Erisson 1401 Chassis BN6R Schematic Diagrams.rar 491.4kb Download
Erisson 1401 Chassis MDY6 Schematic Diagrams.rar 502kb Download
Erisson 1401 Schematic Diagrams.rar 472.2kb Download
Erisson 1405 chassis 3P52 Schematic Diagrams.rar 117.5kb Download
Erisson 1405 sh 3Y31 Schematic Diagrams.rar 170.4kb Download
Erisson 1455 Schematic Diagrams.rar 2.8Mb Download
Erisson 14GX37 Schematic Diagrams.rar 371.7kb Download
Erisson 14GX37A Schematic Diagrams.rar 997.2kb Download
Erisson 15LS01 Schematic Diagrams.rar 740.7kb Download
Erisson 2102 Schematic Diagrams.rar 553kb Download
Erisson 2107 Schematic Diagrams.rar 731.1kb Download
Erisson 21F3 Schematic Diagrams.rar 2.1Mb Download
Erisson 21F5 Ch. MDY5 Schematic Diagrams.rar 502kb Download
Erisson 21F5 Schematic Diagrams.rar 413kb Download
Erisson 25F3_29F3 chassis BN88 Schematic Diagrams.rar 815.4kb Download
Erisson 29F02 Schematic Diagrams.rar 1.1Mb Download
Erisson 29F2 Schematic Diagrams.rar 1.1Mb Download
Erisson 32LS16 Power Supply Schematic Diagrams.rar 107kb Download
Erisson 8m18 Schematic 459.1kb Download
Erisson Chassis 5S01 Schematic Diagrams.rar 153.6kb Download
Erisson chassis Ver 2.1 Schematic Diagrams.rar 2.5Mb Download
Erisson CTV2107 Schematic Diagrams.rar 8.5Mb Download
Erisson S14 Chassis 3Y11 Circuit Diagram .pdf 341.1kb Download
Erisson S14 Chassis 3Y11 Schematic Diagrams.rar 337.8kb Download
Erisson sh. 3S10 Circuit Diagram .pdf 389.6kb Download
Erisson sh. 3Y01 Circuit Diagram .pdf 382.8kb Download

Production of TV Erisson

The main focus of production in its program is on the assembly of equipment from materials of famous foreign brands. These brands include: Philips, Thomson, Sanyo, Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba. Over time, it became clear that this strategy has borne fruit, because the company only at the expense of the Erisson brand for 7 years of its activity has become quite famous in the vast Russian Federation. It is also worth noting that the volume of production in recent years has increased about 50 times.

Erisson Smart TVs are offered in a wide range. The range of products at the moment includes several editions of TVs with a diagonal from 15 to 37 inches. This technique will perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen and brighten up your days behind the stove with your favorite TV shows and interesting programs to your taste. As for the interior of the bedrooms, models with a diagonal from 22 to 32 inches are more suitable. The connector on the TV will provide you with a full-fledged home theater with the highest quality of both the image and the available sound.

The advantages of TVs

The fact that Erisson TVs have positive reviews is absolutely no doubt. In addition to the excellent image and sound is the compactness of the invention. Even if there is too little room in one room or another, you can hang it on the wall.

Fastening LCD TVs Erisson can be carried out using special brackets (they are included in the package). The positive qualities of the transfer of pictures are also positive qualities. The whole rainbow of colors and vivid impressions will surely remain after watching a certain program. Screens can be widescreen in the form of 16: 9. Or you can use the standard 4: 3 format.

Useful options

Erisson Smart TVs also have in their interesting parameters an excellent and, most importantly, convenient menu exclusively in Russian and a timer. The timer will allow you to not forget about your favorite shows. The TV will switch to the channel you need at the right time. In addition, the models have the option of self-switching on and off. As with any TV, the package includes a remote with which you can control it without getting up from your resting place. It is worth paying attention to the excellent function of some models. This function has the name “picture in picture”. It allows you to view two interesting images at the same time.

Erisson TV repair and its features

Erisson is a company of Chinese origin, which has proven itself well among companies that produce televisions. This kind of kinescopic televisions are quite widely known. First of all, they were remembered for their reliability and ease of repair. Some buyers use Erisson 72 cm kinescopic televisions to watch satellite channels. When assembling such models, the manufacturer included the standard chassis of the STV series. As a rule, problems with the equipment does not arise. The only problems relate to the power supply and lowercase scanning (with modifications).

Erisson TVs are reliable enough. Although there have been such cases when customers simply refused to repair due to its cost. Such cases include repair of the backlight inverter, which contains an Erisson 32Les16 TV.

Errison Smart TV Service manual

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