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User manuals and schematics for Izumi LCD/ LED Smart TVs

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Izumi TC14N310S User Manuals.pdf 788.6kb Download
Izumi TL15H310B User Manuals.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Izumi TL15H511B User Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Izumi TL19H615B User Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Izumi TL20S311B User Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Izumi TL20S312B User Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Izumi TL22H614B User Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Izumi TL22H615B User Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Izumi TL26H615B LCD TV User Manuals.pdf 22.5Mb Download
Izumi TL32h700b User Manuals.pdf 20Mb Download
Izumi TLE15H400B Service Manual + Schematic diagrams.rar 3.2Mb Download
Izumi TLE22F400B User Manuals.pdf 17.1Mb Download

Izumi LCD TVs

In this category are many models with screen sizes from 15 to 42 inches. As for the design, since minimalism and thin corps are now in vogue, Izumi is moving in a general way and is not developing any specific design concepts. Before us is a traditional plastic case, mostly black. The last letter in the index of a particular model indicates the color, so most often we will meet TVs with the letter B (Black) at the end, that is, black. But there are also R (Red), W (White) and M (Metallic) – respectively, red, white and silver-metallic.

Izumi TLE19H400DB TV manuals

If before the letter designating the color, another D has been added (for example, DB), then we have a TV with a built-in DVD player – Izumi has such models.

The screen resolution depends on which model we are dealing with. The resolution of 1024×768 and 1366×768 is found mainly in models with 15-, 16- and 17-inch screens, you can also see several TVs with a resolution of 1440×900. If you intend to buy a TV that can play HD video (with a screen resolution of 1920×1080), you can also find one, although there are not very many of them – mostly top models with large screens, for example, with a 42-inch diagonal.

Izumi’s small TVs do not differ in outstanding picture quality: just good-quality models for use in the kitchen or in the country. Models like the TLE42F400 with a 42-inch screen is another matter, they can boast of rich bright colors, high contrast, good reproduction of dynamic scenes.

Models with a small screen diagonal can be used as a computer monitor. The Izumi TLE15H311 TV is equipped with an adapter that allows you to connect it to a 12 V power source, so you can take it on a trip and use it as a car TV.

Power speaker systems ranging from 3 watts for small models to 12 watts for the largest TVs. The sound is nothing outstanding (especially when it comes to the weakest systems, which, like the television speakers of many other manufacturers, suffer from the traditional drawback – low-quality reproduction of low frequencies).

Additional features include the presence of almost all teletext and sleep timer models. The TL32H211 is equipped with a Picture-in-Picture function, which allows you to watch several channels simultaneously.

Izumi LED TVs

LED backlighting attracts many buyers, so Izumi could not help releasing TVs equipped with this feature. Now you can buy models with the following screen diagonal: 15, 19, 22, 24, 32 and 42 inches. The manufacturing company pays special attention to the ultra-thin design of its products.

The company’s pride is the model TLE32H330B, which is about to go on sale in our country. This is a stylish modern TV, one of the characteristic features of the design of which is an elegant thin frame around the screen – so thin that when you turn on the LED backlight it seems that the border between the real world and the virtual universe on the screen almost disappears.

The contrast of this model is 1000: 1. The screen resolution is 1920×1080. It is equipped with two 10 watt stereo speakers.

Three HDMI inputs allow you to connect various external devices to transmit video and audio signals without loss of quality. Also, the TV is equipped with a USB port, so you can watch video content from a flash drive, an external hard drive, etc. This model supports almost all major digital formats, can play music and graphic files.

You can buy an Izumi LED TV from 3500 (for a model with a 15-inch screen) to 16,000 rubles (for a 42-inch TV).

Izumi 3D TVs

In 2011, the company introduced its first and so far the only 3D TV – model TLD42F010B. It has a screen with a diagonal of 42 inches and a resolution of 1920×1080, allowing you to play video in Full HD format.

This model uses passive glasses operating on the principle of circular polarization. The technology on which they operate is akin to that used in cinemas. It must be said that both active and passive technologies of reproducing a three-dimensional image have their supporters, but passive glasses have a number of undeniable advantages: they are distinguished by low weight and do not require recharging, and are also significantly cheaper than their active counterparts. The quality of 3D pictures on this TV is quite good.

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