Saturn Smart TV manuals

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On this page you can find and free download service manuals and schematics for Saturn Smart TV

Saturn TV User Guide

To download the manual to your computer, specify the model of equipment, click on the PDF file and save a document on your computer, for example, as “Saturn TV instruction”.

Be sure to read the manual before using your equipment. The manual will allow you to properly use the technique, and also, you will quickly master all its functions. We wish you a pleasant operation.

Title File Size Download links
Saturn 1.5 Circuit Diagram.rar 138.1kb Download
Saturn 2102 Circuit Diagram.rar 314b Download
Saturn 3N10 chassis (MN18P73284DP/ MSP3410D/ STV5348/ NN5199/ AN5539) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 219.5kb Download
Saturn 3N10 Circuit Diagram.rar 154.9kb Download
Saturn 3P10/ 4P10 chassis (MTV880/ DM8838/ TDA9875A/ TDA8356) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 2.3Mb Download
Saturn 3P20/ 4P20 chassis (KS88C8316/ OM3383/ MSP3410G/ TDA7056B/ TDA8356) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 1.8Mb Download
Saturn 3S40 chassis (STV8223/ STV5111/ TDA8174/ STV2216/ ST63TB7) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 724.1kb Download
Saturn 3T01 chassis (TB1238AN/ TDA1905/ TA1275Z/ TMP87CK38N/ TA8403K) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 1.3Mb Download
Saturn 3T01 Circuit Diagram.rar 1.3Mb Download
Saturn 3T20 chassis (TB1238AN/ TDA1905/ TA1257Z/ TMP87CK38N) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 1.6Mb Download
Saturn 3Y01-4Y01 Circuit Diagram.rar 384.2kb Download
Saturn 3Y28 Circuit Diagram.rar 1.3Mb Download
Saturn 4S02 chassis (ST63T87/ STV2116/ TDA8174), CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 1.2Mb Download
Saturn 4S30 part 1 Circuit Diagram.rar 94.8kb Download
Saturn 5N10 chassis CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 515.3kb Download
Saturn 5N10 Circuit Diagram.rar 217.3kb Download
Saturn 5P20/ 5P21 chassis CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 793.7kb Download
Saturn 5P60 chassis CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 233.1kb Download
Saturn 5P60 Circuit Diagram.rar 233.1kb Download
Saturn 5S01 chassis CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 151.7kb Download
Saturn 8821_STV9302_TDA7057QA Circuit Diagram.rar 404.9kb Download
Saturn CN-9 part 1 Circuit Diagram.rar 460.9kb Download
Saturn CN-9 part 2 Circuit Diagram.rar 1.8Mb Download
Saturn HX-21P03C chassis PH1421TOP-006/ (TDA11105PS/ LA78040/ TDA2003) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 897.3kb Download
Saturn HX-TOP01Z chassis T08-T19-KVS-S/ (TDA11136PS/ STRW6556A/ STV8172/ AN17821) CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 1.5Mb Download
Saturn K rev.1 Circuit Diagram.rar 1.5Mb Download
Saturn M 28.rev4 Circuit Diagram.rar 1.8Mb Download
Saturn M13 chassis CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 665.1kb Download
Saturn M17 chassis CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 497.5kb Download
Saturn M28rev.4. TCL-A30V02xxxx Circuit Diagram.rar 1.8Mb Download
Saturn M28SP Circuit Diagram.rar 5Mb Download
Saturn S22 part 1 Circuit Diagram.rar 784.7kb Download
Saturn S22 part 2 Circuit Diagram.rar 784.1kb Download
Saturn S22 part 3 Circuit Diagram.rar 784.6kb Download
Saturn ST208-209 Circuit Diagram.rar 336kb Download
Saturn ST2101 chassis M17 (Shem) Circuit Diagram.rar 526.3kb Download
Saturn ST-2104 Circuit Diagram.rar 3.4Mb Download
Saturn ST2139 chassis M-17 Circuit Diagram.rar 598.9kb Download
Saturn ST-21F7 CRT TV circuit diagram.rar 182.5kb Download
Saturn SV-TV1403 Schematic Diagram.RAR 5.7Mb Download

Saturn Home Appliances was founded in the United States in 1997. The main direction of her activity was the organization of wholesale trade in household appliances in Eastern Europe. Already in 2000, the Saturn Home Appliances s.r.o. company was founded in Prague, whose tasks included organizing the production and subsequent sale of household appliances united by the SATURN brand. This household appliance is manufactured in several European countries (in particular, in the Czech Republic), as well as in Taiwan and China. Saturn’s product range has been widely represented on the Ukrainian market since the first years of the company’s existence, and it has already managed to win the attention and love of users, since the quality of goods always meets the strictest European standards.

Saturn TV manuals

The company relies on the production of a fairly wide range of household appliances, in particular televisions.

However, of course, much more attention has been paid to “young” technologies for a long time. The phrases “Smart TV” and “led TV” have not been something new and unknown for Saturn for a long time. The manufacturer is not far behind the latest global trends. Having bought a Saturn TV, you will receive absolutely modern, functional equipment that can last for more than one year while remaining relevant.

TV or almost computer?

Saturn LCD TVs, supplemented by the already mentioned Smart TV function, allow not only to fully utilize the capabilities of the “communication” technology with external storage media, but also provide the ability to access the Internet.

Saturn TV official website:

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