Skyworth TV Service Manual and Schematic Diagrams

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More than 60 Skyworth manuals – service manuals, circuit diagrams and schematics, user’s manual for LCD TV/ Smart TV/ Android TV.

Skyworth TV manuals

Title File Size Download links
2019 Product Catalogue.pdf 23.2Mb Download
Skyworth 24E58A Instruction Manual.pdf 7.9Mb Download
Skyworth 26L8E LCD TV Instruction Manual.pdf 4.2Mb Download
Skyworth 37L16 LCD TV Instruction Manual.pdf 4.6Mb Download
Skyworth 39e36 Instruction Manual.pdf 2.6Mb Download
Skyworth 42E38 Instruction Manual.pdf 4.5Mb Download
Skyworth 58E38A LCD TV Instruction Manual.pdf 8.3Mb Download
Skyworth Android TV Manual.pdf 772kb Download
Skyworth CTV-21T05N CRT TV Manual.pdf 2Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-19L3F LCD TV User Guide.pdf 5.4Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-22L19 LCD TV User Guide.pdf 1.2Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-22L5F LCD TV User Guide.pdf 4.2Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-26L16H, LCD-26L16H LCD TV Instruction Manual.pdf 5.9Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-32L16 LCD TV User Guide.pdf 5.7Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-32L16H LCD TV Instruction Manual.pdf 6Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-32L8E LCD TV Instruction Manual.pdf 2.7Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-42L29-FHD LCD TV User Manual.pdf 3.8Mb Download
Skyworth LCD-42L8EFHD LCD TV User Manual.pdf 3.7Mb Download
Skyworth LED-32E60 Instruction Manual.pdf 2.5Mb Download
Skyworth LED-42E60 Instruction Manual.pdf 6.9Mb Download
Skyworth LED-42E60 LCD TV User Manual.pdf 6.8Mb Download
Skyworth SLC-1369A-3 User Manual.pdf 7.2Mb Download
Skyworth SLC-1519A-3S User Manual.pdf 5.7Mb Download
Skyworth SLC-1963A-1 Owner’s Manual.pdf 3.4Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-1551A-1 Owner’s Manual.pdf 6.7Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-1551AW-1 Owner’s Manual.pdf 6.7Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-1963A Owner’s Manual.pdf 3.6Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-1963A-1 Owner’s Manual.pdf 1.8Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-2063A Owner’s Manual.pdf 3.6Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-2268A-2 Owner’s Manual.pdf 3.3Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-2632A-2 Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.1Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-26L16A-2 Owner’s Manual.pdf 7.4Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-3219A-3S HDTV User Manual.pdf 7.5Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-3263A-2 Owner’s Manual.pdf 4Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-32L29A-2 Owner’s Manual.pdf 5.1Mb Download

Skyworth TV Service manuals and schematics

Title File Size Download links
Skyworth 19E57 Service Manual.pdf 5.1Mb Download
Skyworth 21NF8800A Circuit Diagram.rar 442.7kb Download
Skyworth 2522, 2588, 25F1, 2998, 2922, 2929, 29F1, 3423, 3498, 3898,L25, D25, L29, D29, L34, chassis 5N11 Circuit Diagram.rar 246.2kb Download
Skyworth 32E8D chassis LCD TV Service Manual.pdf 3.5Mb Download
Skyworth 3N10 chassis MN18P73284DP/ NN5199 Service Manual.rar 280.4kb Download
Skyworth 5M19B chassis LCD TV Service Manual.pdf 6.5Mb Download
Skyworth 5M92A chassis LCD TV Service Manual.pdf 9.7Mb Download
Skyworth 5P60 chassis Schematic diagram.rar 233.1kb Download
Skyworth 5R81A-50E79 Service Manual.pdf 1.1Mb Download
Skyworth 6M61S LCD TV Service Manual.pdf 2.8Mb Download
Skyworth 8m10 Circuit Diagram.rar 413kb Download
Skyworth 8M19B chassis LCD TV Service Manual.pdf 3.6Mb Download
Skyworth 8M26S Service Manual.pdf 4.2Mb Download
Skyworth 8M29B Service Manual.pdf 2.6Mb Download
Skyworth 8M39A Service Manual.pdf 2.2Mb Download
Skyworth 8M79B LED TV Service Manual.pdf 7.1Mb Download
Skyworth chassis 3N10 Circuit Diagram.rar 155.2kb Download
Skyworth chassis 3Y11 Circuit Diagram.rar 337.8kb Download
Skyworth chassis 3Y39 Circuit Diagram.rar 125.2kb Download
Skyworth Chassis 4N01 Circuit Diagram.rar 372.2kb Download
Skyworth chassis 4N10 Circuit Diagram.rar 233kb Download
Skyworth chassis 6P16 Circuit Diagram.rar 934.9kb Download
Skyworth EMERSON STV-2029 STV-2216 ST63T87 chassis 4s30 Circuit Diagram.rar 88.8kb Download
Skyworth SLTV-2632A-2 Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.1Mb Download
Skyworth SLTV-26L16A-2 LCD TV Service Manual.pdf 5.2Mb Download

Skyworth TVs

China Skyworth Corporation is a major manufacturer of low-cost household appliances. One of Skyworth’s main areas of work is televisions. They are produced not only under the “mother” brand – the company has acquired the production facilities of a number of competitors. For example, Toshiba’s Indonesian facilities also belong to corporations from China.


Inexpensive Skyworth TVs successfully replace expensive TVs of famous brands. They are durable, easy to manage, with decent picture quality, support for Smart technologies and OS from Google. Their main advantages:

  • good quality;
  • budget cost;
  • universal design;
  • access to free content.

The type of Skyworth TV you can buy is LED. This is a liquid crystal matrix combined with LED backlight. The backlight can be around the screen or behind the matrix. In the first case, it is cheaper, but it gives distortion in illumination and gamma from the edges to the center of the TV. In the second case, the image is uniformly bright and colorful.

Skyworth TVs use matrices:

  • IPS – supports screens of any size, the image produces consistently high-quality and bright.
  • MVA – lower than IPS for the price, it is used for displays up to 40 inches (in these sizes it does not give the effect of “floating” halftones).

LED backlighting works constantly, so the TV does not transmit the deepest black color. But at the same time, the matrices retain good contrast. The picture on them is visible even under strong external lighting – there is no problem displaying even on sunny bright days.

What can Skyworth TVs do?

Skyworth TVs are “smart tv” – in addition to standard broadcasts, they show content from the Internet. You can connect them to the network via an Ethernet or WiFi cable. Wired connection is available for all models. WiFi may be built-in. If there is no “native” wireless module, you can purchase an external adapter. Under Skyworth smart TV you can buy adapters from different manufacturers, the main thing is to choose according to specification.

Skyworth TV can be supplied with:

  • Android TV – an updated operating system from Google with a large application store, supports voice command input.
  • Netflix TV – any of the available “OSes” (Android, Vewd Opera, Shijiu) with an “emphasis” on Netflix services, the remote control has a button with the same name for quick access.

The Android system of the eighth version is a serious advantage over many other cheap TVs. Many multilingual offers come out for her, with a guarantee long-term support will be provided. Using the Android OS, you can control equipment via a smartphone instead of a remote control; support for voice commands makes the task even easier. You can buy a Skyworth smart TV and do not worry about its obsolescence for a long time.

What Skyworth TVs Can I Buy?

Skyworth Smart TV manual

The choice of models is quite large – the product catalog covers models of small, medium and large sizes. Chinese Skyworth TV Series:

  • E2A – 24 “, with Netflix.
  • E3 – 32 “and 43” under Opera, with wireless connection and IPS.
  • G7 – 55 “and 65”, for Android, with voice control, 4K IPS, with HDR, ultra-thin.
  • G6 – 43 “, 49” and 55 “, for Android, with voice control, 4K IPS, with HDR, metal case.
  • Q36 AI – 43 “, for Android, with voice control, Google Assistant, 4K IPS, with HDR, metal case.
  • Q3 AI – 43 “, 49” and 55 “, an analogue of the Q36 series with a thinner frame and separate legs instead of a solid stand.
  • E6 AI – 32 “, 40” and 43 “, for Android, with voice control, Google Assistant,” image and image “(PIP).

AI – “fast” Skyworth TV with artificial intelligence. It is suitable for games, including from the Google Play Store. Through AI and regular “smarts” you can surf the web, watch movies and videos from YouTube, other sources. Messengers and social networks applications are connected to the TV for convenient communication.

Skyworth Smart TV Official website:

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