Salora Smart TV manuals and schematics

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On this page you can find and free download schematics, circuit diagrams, service and user’s manual for Salora LED/ LCD TVs.

In order to download the user’s manual/ service manuals/ schematics for Salora TV, select the model that matches your device.

You can see the list of models for Salora Smart TVs/ DVD-combo TV below. When you find the file you need, click the Download button opposite it to go to the final page to download the manual for Salora TVs. Please pay attention to the repair manuals presented in our catalog, the diagrams and manuals for Salora TVs are in PDF format and are always available for free download.

Title File Size Download links
Salora 19LED8005TD LED TV User Manual.pdf 7.1Mb Download
SALORA 1G6H Circuit Diagram.rar 1.2Mb Download
SALORA 1G9H Circuit Diagram.rar 1.2Mb Download
Salora 20K30 CRT TV Schematic Diagram.rar 1.3Mb Download
SALORA 20К30, 20К37, 21К70, 21К77, 22К30, 22К37, 24К70, 24К77, 26К30, 26К37, 26К70, 28К70, 28К77 Service Manual.pdf 1.1Mb Download
Salora 21_24_48L40 CRT TV Schematic Diagram.rar 971.1kb Download
Salora 21K77 CRT TV Schematic Diagram.rar 1.3Mb Download
SALORA 21L40 Circuit Diagram.rar 970.8kb Download
Salora 22LED2005TD, 22LED2015TDW LED TV User Manual.pdf 7.1Mb Download
Salora 22LED3305TD, 22LED3315TDW LED TV User Manual.pdf 7.2Mb Download
Salora 22LED6105CD, 22LED6115CDW LED TV User Manual.pdf 6.7Mb Download
SALORA 24L40 Circuit Diagram.rar 970.8kb Download
Salora 24LCF-5000TD, 24LCF-5000TDW, 24LEF-6000TD LCD TV User Manual.pdf 6Mb Download
Salora 24LED6105CD, 24LED6115CDW LED TV User Manual.pdf 6.7Mb Download
SALORA 25E7S 28E7S 25E9S 28E9S Service 1.1Mb Download
SALORA 25S5C Circuit Diagram.rar 3.4Mb Download
Salora 28K70 CRT TV Schematic Diagram.rar 626.4kb Download
SALORA 28K70 Service Manual.rar 633.3kb Download
SALORA 28L40 Circuit Diagram.rar 970.8kb Download
SALORA 28V80,25V80 chassis FS Circuit Diagram.rar 617.2kb Download
SALORA 29V100 chassis FX Service Manual.rar 2.8Mb Download
Salora 32LED2605D LED TV Instruction Manual.pdf 3.9Mb Download
Salora 33inch CRT TV Schematic Diagram.rar 2.8Mb Download
SALORA 33INCH Service Manual.rar 2.8Mb Download
Salora 43UHL2600, 49UHL2600, 55UHL2600 LCD TV User Manual.pdf 9.5Mb Download
Salora 46LED7110CW LED TV Operating Instructions Manual.pdf 21.1Mb Download
Salora 50LED8100CS LED TV Operating Instructions Manual.pdf 8.8Mb Download
Salora J206, 207, 209 chassis (20_22_26J20) CRT TV Schematic Diagram.rar 4.5Mb Download
SALORA J-Chassis Circuit Diagram.rar 2.9Mb Download
Salora LCD4231FH LCD TV Operating Instructions Manual.pdf 4.8Mb Download
Salora LED1938DVX DVD Combo TV User Manual.pdf 3.2Mb Download
Salora LED39UAT LED TV Instruction Manual.pdf 2.6Mb Download
SALORA Stereo Plus 2 S-N Service Manual.pdf 4.1Mb Download
Salora Smart TV manuals

Salora LED1940DVX LED TV

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